Our Location

Trim Flying Club is based at Weston Airport (EIWT).


Dublin Weston Airport,
County Kildare

Contact information for Weston

Phone: +353 (01) 6217300
Email: ops@westonairport.com
You can read more information on Weston from the IAA's aeronautical information package here.
  • Casement Aerodrome METER/TAF

    Casement Aerodrome is just south of Weston and has a regularly updated METAR and TAF which you can find below.

    Available data for EIME from the past 2 hours
    EIME 100500Z 24011KT 9999 FEW015 04/03 Q1026

    05:00 UTC

    Wind: 240° 11kt

    Visibility: 9999 m

    Sky: FEW 1500 ft

    Temp: 4 deg C / 39.2 deg F

    Dewpoint: 3 deg C / 37.4 deg F

    Pressure: 1026 hPa

    TAF EIME 100200Z 1003/1012 25009KT 9999 FEW015 SCT030 BECMG 1006/1009 22007KT BECMG 1010/1012 19007KT